The Mythical Hymen

This week, we'd like you to laugh as you learn about a myths surrounding an a structure of female anatomy and function: The Hymen.

What is it?

The hymen is an elastic piece of tissue  that lines the inside of vaginal opening. It has an opening that can be of any size- it can be thin or thick.

It should have an opening – otherwise menstrual blood cannot come out and an opening would need to be created.
Only 2% of women may need this procedure.

The Hymen & Virginity

You often hear about the hymen breaking with first intercourse.  It can happen, but if a woman is relaxed during intercourse and has good lubrication and she or her partner has stretched the hymen with fingers, then it likely won't break (remember it's elastic) So, you can't tell if someone is a virgin if they have a hymen.

Here's the video:

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