Phone or Email Consultation with Evelyn Hecht, PT ATC

For those suffering with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Evelyn Hecht, PT ATC

If you are suffering with pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) or pelvic/abdominal pain, and your doctor has found no major medical cause such as inflammation, infection or active disease, consider consulting with a pelvic floor physical therapist about ways in which you can find relief.  EMH Physical Therapy now provides phone and email consultations to reach patients wherever they are.

Evelyn Hecht, a pelvic physical therapist and the director of EMH Physical therapy, provides 40 minute phone consultations to discuss your symptoms and guide you in steps you can take to find relief.  In the absence of a medical disease process, most symptoms of PFD are caused by restricted muscle and fascia in and around your pelvis, hips, and lower abdominals.  Evelyn can coach you in exercises to relieve pain and start your on your path to healing.

It is recommended that you download an app called PelvicTrack from the iTunes store if you have an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad product before your consultation.  PelvicTrack app tracks all pelvic symptoms, bladder and bowel information, and provides many exercises and awareness techniques to reverse PFD.  If you do not have access to an Apple product, let us know, and Evelyn can email you specific exercises following your consultation.

Your 40 minute phone or email consultation with Evelyn Hecht costs $200.

Contact our office at (212) 288-2242 or to schedule your consultation.



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