PelviCorFit™ Program


Workout with a DPT + Fitness Guru on Pelvic/Core exercises for your fitness routine at an incredible value for first time clients!

What is PelviCorFit™?

  • A Pelvic Floor & Core Workout Program tailored to your level of fitness, from beginner to advanced, that teaches pelvic floor anatomy & function and how to expertly perform and incorporate pelvic floor training into any fitness program.
  • Led by a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) + Fitness Guru, PelviCorFit™ incorporates elements of Pilates, Strength Training, Barre, Yoga & more!

Why PelviCorFit™?

Men - decrease chronic back/hip or pelvic pain, prevent erectile dysfunction, gain stronger core, decrease symptoms of chronic prostatitis, manage GI & bowel disorders, prevent leaking post prostatectomy, increase flexibility, feel great!

Women - decrease chronic hip/back or pelvic pain, improve sexual function, prevent incontinence, manage GI & bowel disorders, optimize your pre & postpartum health, increase flexibility and strength, feel great!

We offer 2 options:

"PelviCorFit™ #1"One fifty minute session with a DPT + Fitness Guru that includes 15 minute pelvic floor/core education followed by a 30 minute PelviCorFit™ workout, then Q&A.

"PelviCorFit™ Pack" – Three (3) fifty minute sessions with your DPT + Fitness Guru. The first session is similar to the description above. The 2 follow up sessions include 45 minute PelviCorFit™ workouts plus instruction on how to implement pelvic floor awareness into your fitness program.

Contact us for program pricing.

This program is not a substitute for our thorough Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Evaluation & Treatment.