PFD Treatment Options

EMH keeps up to date with the emerging research on treating chronic pelvic pain and other non chronic pelvic floor dysfunctions.  Our therapies are not cookie cutter, rather tailored to each person's presentation, symptoms, objective tests that your DPT performs throughout your course of care.

Our treatments may include:

Manual Therapies. To increase mobility of skin, muscle, and fascia we are trained in  Connective Tissue Massage (aka Skin Rolling) Myofascial Release, Strain/Counterstrain, ART or Active Release Techniques, Nerve Mobilization, Joint Mobilization, Muscle Energy, performed as needed to Sacral border, Coccyx, Hip and Gluteal muscles, Thoracic Lumbar paraspinals, Pelvic floor, Abdominals.

Visceral mobilization - a gentle manual release technique to improve the mobility of the visceral organs such as the bladder, urethra, prostate, ascending/ transverse/descending colon etc.

Cold Laser Therapy, or Low Level Laser Therapy  applied to sensitive, restricted and painful tissues increases blood flow, heals tissues on a cellular level and reduces pain symptoms

Biofeedback testing and training is utilized to increase awareness of the pelvic floor muscles. The biofeedback sensors are either External or Internal. External Sensors are small sticky electrodes placed on the outside of your perineal region which measures electric activity of your pelvic floor muscles. The internal sensor is a small, 2 inch long sensor  designed to be placed either intra rectally or intra vaginally. Relaxation and/or strengthening exercises are taught depending on what is required.

Breathing Exercises to facilitate optimum rib and thoracic expansion,  relaxation and release of pelvic floor muscles.

Meditation to help calm the mind which lowers chronic pain symptoms.

Bladder retraining is implemented to stop leaking and reduce urgency.

Bowel function training, optimum position/posture for voiding, use of breath technique vs straining, brace and bulge techniques are taught for functional bowel elimination.

Cupping - We are trained and implement this technique utilizing placing varying sizes of suction cups on restricted muscles to remove stagnation of tissues, increase blood flor and allow for efficient healing

Stretching Exercises to loosen tight inner thighs, hamstrings, hips, lower back abdominal and pelvic muscles.

Core Stabilization and Strengthening Exercises to improve pelvic stability, restore optimum pelvic and core function. We offer the Pilates Guillotine Tower to exercise deep muscles of the pelvis, hip and core.



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