On Your Doctor's Team

From start to completion of care, your personal physical therapist listens to your concerns and goals, is well trained in your condition/ injury, uses a variety of manual therapies and teaches a tailored exercise program for your full recovery. This attention by one licensed physical therapist (no PT aides, assistants, trainers) results in a faster healing time, allowing you to return to work/play/life sooner.

Orthopedic & Sports

Physical therapists (PTs) possess unique skills and a detailed knowledge of human movement and the healing process. Our training includes concepts from human anatomy, exercise physiology, exercise science, and other academic areas that provide us with the necessary knowledge and tools to evaluate and treat athletic injuries.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

EMH PT has been helping patients with pelvic floor dysfunctions for over fifteen (15) years. We understand that many patients with this condition may be experiencing embarrassment, fear and alienation. Many may have consulted with doctors that were not well versed in their condition and may have received treatments that were not successful.

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