Year 2020: Adapting and Adjusting to Change

Hello EMH Family and Friends!

How is everyone doing?

It's been a while since we've posted a blog, and we thought National Physical Therapy Month would be a great time to reconnect! 

This year has brought many changes and its fair share of challenges for so many. 

We are all dealing with a new, masked, normal.  Many of us know someone who has contracted COVID, who has lost their job or has less stability in their career, or has changed their daily routine to help a family member with school/work/health. 

If nothing else, many of us have been staying home, keeping ourselves and our community as safe as possible, which means less activity, eating and drinking differently, and perhaps feeling increased stress.  It's wild how much those changes can affect our physical and mental well-being. 

We hear stories of people struggling with sleep and focus, shifts in appetite and bowel function, pain from sitting at our desks/dining room tables working and socializing on Zoom for hours at a time, or feeling hip and pelvic pain from—so much spinning!

If you've experienced these or other changes, you are not alone. 

A few changes at EMH Physical Therapy have also occurred, including a beautiful new space in the Flatiron district and new treatment options, like home visits to our peeps on the UES, direct care in our new location, and telehealth.  While we miss the sun-filled greenhouse gym on the Upper East Side, we are so happy to be able to continue to serve our pelvic and orthopedic community in the Flatiron area, 37 West 20thStreet off Fifth Avenue.

We even have a spot in Sag Harbor for those who have relocated to the shores of the Hamptons.  

This year, how we perform physical therapy has gone through some changes too.  As we've had to be physically distant from each other, we've discovered a fantastic way of staying connected through the internet.  

We've found that guiding patients through many self-care techniques and even guiding patients to do their own self-manual therapies has compelling outcomes.

Please return to our website’s blog page over the next few weeks and months to find more information on various topics that are timely for you during National Physical Therapy month and in this 2020 year of change. 

Learn about how we use telehealth to create a physical therapy experience to improve your function and reduce pain. 

We'll help you complete your daily tasks, achieve your goals, and utilize breathing and exercise to reduce stress reactions and improve health.  

Through our deep knowledge of pain neuroscience, we can offer new, proven strategies to look at problems.  What you think, say and do during your day can change how you feel (yay for neuroplasticity!). 

We are learning and working to be better allies within our and your communities through our biopsychosocial approach. 

Last but not least, please reach out to us so we can answer your burning questions about all things pelvic health: constipation, bloating, urinary frequency or leakage, feelings of pelvic pressure or pain, difficulty with intimacy, feeling unstable or uncomfortable during pregnancy, and all the things that happen after pregnancy and delivery. 

There is no such thing as TMI.

Evelyn, Alex, Jennifer, and Cindy at EMH are all eager to help you achieve optimum health and resiliency during these changing times.


Alex, Evelyn, and team EMH

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