How Vaginal Burning Pain Can Be Healed with Pelvic Physical Therapy

What if I told you that there is a solution for the burning you’re feeling in your vagina and that sex does NOT have to be painful? That the pain you’ve been feeling for months, years, or decades can be gone in a matter of 2-3 months?

Well ladies – pay close attention. I am going to tell you one of my favorite success stories!

I met Elena (name changed to protect privacy), a young, working woman in her 20s. Her vaginal pain started with a darn yeast infection a few years ago. After a course of antibiotics, her infection went away, but the burning in her vagina stayed.

She couldn’t SIT ...impacting her professional life!

She couldn’t have SEX... affecting her personal life!

She was STRESSED...creating even more pain!

In addition, she developed lower back pain and had painful urges to pee frequently. Finally, after much discontent and a never-ending cycle of frustration, her GYN referred her to pelvic PT.

I treated Elena twice a week for 10 weeks, educated her about pain neuroscience and taught her many self-help exercises to do at home. Now she has NO pain with sex, NO pain with sitting, her urgency and back pain went away, and she has learned to manage her stress and live a healthier lifestyle.

You’re wondering... How?!

  1. Teaching Elena how the brain naturally sends pain signals whenever it senses danger ,we developed some strategies including positive self talk and positive experiences to keep her brain sensing safety and lower her pain
  2. Applying manual techniques to her spine, low back, glutes, external and internal pelvic floor muscles helped her nervous system to accept movement as good, it increased blood flow to these tissues, improved mobility of the muscles and helped Elena’s brain to reestablish a sense of safety
  3. Doing daily stretching and strengthening exercises helped Elena’s brain to flood her body with naturally produced “happy chemicals”, serotonin, endorphin, oxytocin
  4. Using dilators to gently stretch the vaginal tissues, breathing techniques, postural changes at her workplace, cardio, stress management were part of Elena’s home program

Elena did everything that I guided her to do, every day, no matter if she was feeling improvement or not. She knew that retraining her brain and nervous system would take time, just like her symptoms took time to develop. She attended each PT session, changed her negative self-talk patterns and after 2 months, achieved all of her goals. She went from hopeless, to hopeful, to successful.

Did any of her symptoms sound like yours? If so, get in touch with us or a pelvic PT that has abiopsychosocial approach to chronic pain. It’s important to consult your MD to rule out medical issues


plus take any prescribed meds to boost your nervous system and calm the brain as part of your healing path.

Here are three of my favorite stretches for vaginal burning with sitting, sex, or stress. Perform all three while mindfully relaxing the muscles around your hips and pelvic floor. Take 20 deep belly breaths in each position and allow your vagina to fully relax and open during the inhalation and relax during the exhalation. Play calming music, close your eyes, and visualize your happy place. Seriously – it works!

  1. Figure 4 Stretch: Position as below and either bring your hips close to the wall or gently push the right knee away from you to feel more of a stretch along your right glutes. Switch for the left glutes.
  2. Inner Thigh Stretch: Allow gravity to gently lower your legs downwards to feel a stretch in your groin and inner thighs.
  3. Happy Baby Stretch: Hold either your foot, ankle, shin, or back of the knee with each hand and draw your thighs closer to your chest. Rock side to side if that is comfortable.

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