EMH Physical Therapy Staff Continuing Education Courses

Dr. Jennifer Jurewicz PT, DPT

FM1 – Functional mobilization 1 through the Institute of Physical Art at LIU in Brooklyn:

This course provides essential manual skills, including soft tissue mobilization, strumming, myofascial release and functional movement patterns coupled with trigger point release to help the body move in a more efficient manner. This course gave me my hands and taught me how to use my body most effectively for the benefit of myself and the patient.

Applied Techniques of Manual Therapy: Treatment of the Lumbar Complex through the Great Lakes Seminars taught in Long Island
This course provided an in depth understanding of the lumbar anatomy and biomechanics, reviewing and delving into soft tissue dysfunction, mobilization and myofascial release. It taught me how to use my patient’s muscles to correct an alignment error through what’s called a muscle energy technique.

Other Courses:
International Pelvic Pain Society Annual Meeting 2016
Introduction to Female and Male Pelvic Pain through Medbridge taught by Holly Tanner
Clinical Problem Solving with Foot and Ankle Biomechanics: Advanced Topics taught by Brian Hoke through Therapeutic Services, Inc
Evidence-based Orthopedic Special Tests taught by Dawn Gulick through Motivations, Inc
Chronic Pain and Challenging Patient, Part A through Medbridge taught by David Musnick
Therapy and Assessment Following Wrist Fracture through Medbridge taught by Kristin Valdes
Rotator Cuff Disorders and Their Treatment through Medbridge taught by Peter Millett
Treating the Multisport & Endurance Athlete – Run, Swim and Bike Module through the Hospital for Special Surgery
Management of the Young Overhead Athlete: Keeping them Safely in the Game through the Hospital for Special Surgery
Maximizing Functional Following Total Knee Arthroplasty through the Hospital for Special Surgery
NYU School of Medicine’s Hockey Sports Medicine Course
APTA Combined Sections Meeting 2013

Dr. Charissa Morrisroe, PT, DPT, SFMA

Pelvic floor Level 2A through herman and Wallace in Washington, DC June 24-26 2016

This three day intermediate-level continuing education course focused on specific, advanced examination techniques such as pelvic muscle mapping and interventions including downtraining of overactive muscles.

This course greatly improved my anatomy and treatment skills and improved my ability to treat GI issues including constipation with new treatment techniques and ideas. I also learned a great deal about the male pelvic floor and treatment for prostatitis and prostatectomy.

Other courses:
International pelvic pain society annual meeting  2016

Pelvic floor Level 2B through Herman and Wallace in Derby, CT  June 26-28 2015

Pilates for the Pelvic floor through Herman and Wallace April 16-17 2016 in New York, NY

Sexuality for Pelvic floor practitioners: online

Visceral functional Mobilization through the institute of physical art at Hunter college in NYC October 2015

Manual therapy for the lower quarter: online

Dr. Tova Laufer PT, DPT

CoreFirst Strategies  is a course provided by the Institute of Physical Art which focuses on treatment of neuromuscular control and motor control for dysfunctions related to spine injuries. It provides a by step process for assessment and treatment which addresses postural positioning, proper sitting, standing and active functional activities.

Coccyx Pain: Evaluation and Treatment: This course taught by Herman and Wallace focuses on targeted evaluation and treatment of the coccyx and teaches tools ranging from manual (both external and internal) therapies, taping, therapeutic exercise, sitting modifications, modalities to address chronic coccyx pain.