Moving Up:  We're Moving to the 9th Floor!

Moving Up: We're Moving to the 9th Floor!

Update on the move here.

As some of you may know, we have decided that we want to provide you with a larger, loftier, more spa-like space for your physical therapy treatment.  As we announced in our newsletter last week, we are moving from the 6th floor to the 9th floor!

To ensure that you have the best experience, Get More Information here, we’re moving up to a fully renovated ninth floor (check their website to know more about those renovators) that offers more amenities.  We will create a tranquil healing center with bamboo flooring (about which you can find out more), more spacious  treatment rooms with modern furnishings,  Sonos system playing relaxing music, and nature-inspired art on our walls.  Our reception area will provide complimentary teas and coffees for you to enjoy while you wait for your next appointment or for anyone waiting for you during your appointment.  Our open plan airy gym will have more light with the greenhouse glass wall and a birds-eye view of the Upper East Side.

The best part is that as the renovation is being done now, we will never have to close for the move.  Just come up to the 9th floor starting January 4th.

We'd love to keep you updated with the renovation process.

This is one of our new treatment rooms, and as you can see, it is quite a bit bigger!

tx room 2 12.14.15

This is the hallway to the back of our new space.

hallway to rear 12.15.15

We continue to incorporate our orthopedic expertise, pelvic floor specialization and equipment such as biofeedback and MultiRadiance Laser modality to fully heal men and women with a variety of conditions. Each individualized 50 minute session  is provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We offer discounted treatment packages and educational programs such as “Healthy Body After Baby” to educate and prevent future issues of new moms.

Our move in date is set for January 4, 2016, so please stop by to enjoy some tea and take a tour of our new practice.

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