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Orthopedic and Sports physical therapy for children, teens and adults

How injuries occur

Injuries occur when tight muscles, poor postures and faulty movement patterns create imbalances in your body. These imbalances can lead to ligament sprains, muscle strains, arthritis, disc herniations, instability and falls. The goal of physical therapy is heal injuries, overcome pain and gain efficient movement patterns.

How can physical therapy get my child back in the game?

If your child experiences an athletic injury, it can be hard to determine when to allow him or her to return to full participation. Parents take pride in watching their children succeed in athletics, and face a difficult dilemma when there is an injury. How soon should you let them back on the field, unsure of whether their young bodies are ready to handle the stress of their sport? Should you keep them on the sideline and worry that they are missing the chance to have fun and develop along with their peers? At EMH Physical Therapy, we take pride in helping young student- athletes get back in the game.

Physical therapists (PTs) possess unique skills and a detailed knowledge of human movement and the healing process. Our training includes concepts from human anatomy, exercise physiology, exercise science, and other academic areas that provide us with the necessary knowledge and tools to evaluate and treat athletic injuries. We are the practitioner of choice to bridge the gap between onset of a sports injury and return to competition, knowing when your child is fully capable of tolerating the sprints, lunges, turns, kicks and throws required by his or her sport. We will communicate directly with your doctor to provide a seamless transition from diagnosis to recovery.

Your PT will take into consideration your child’s physical development. We implement appropriate manual therapy techniques plus design an individualized exercise program to guide him or her through the different phases of recovery. Your PT can contact your child’s coach to discuss strategies for slowly reintegrating him or her into practices and games, or modify certain activities to protect an injured arm or a sprained ankle. Guided rehabilitative exercise, under the watchful eye of a licensed professional at EMH Physical Therapy, translates into a recovery process in which your child is an active participant. Our main goal is to help young athletes heal, to strengthen their bodies and avoid a cycle of recurrent injury, and to return them to their sport as soon as possible.

Benefits of physical therapy

  • Comprehensive evaluation of many physical conditions
  • Instruction in a tailored exercise program
  • Return to good posture and body mechanics
  • Pain management
  • Relief from chronic tight muscles
  • Improved flexibility, strength and endurance
  • Balance and Coordination Training
  • Proper breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Pre-surgical preparation
  • Sports specific training

HSS Rehabilitation Network

As a member of the HSS Rehab Network for 15 years, EMH Physical Therapy has consistently produced quality results for orthopedic/rheumatology patients referred by the premier doctors of Hospital for Special Surgery. All Rehab Network PT practices are privately owned and undergo a review of their practice every 1.5 years to ensure that we are providing outstanding service.


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