Dr. Sneha Gazi, PT, DPT

Dr. Sneha Gazi, DPT earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Columbia University with a focus on pelvic health, sports orthopedics and research. She holds a BA in Honors Developmental Psychology from New York University where she completed a Concentration in Dance and published a scientific article on infant motor learning and development.

Dr Gazi worked at clinical rotations in both outpatient orthopedic practices, acute care hospitals, gaining knowledge on high-level therapeutic manual therapies and evidence based exercises to help her patients return to the activities they love. She’s treated pelvic pain in pre/post-partum women, rugby players at New Zealand’s sports training facility and helped many NY Broadway and Off-Broadway dancers, actors, vocalists, and instrumentalists get back on stage.

Dr. Gazi has a strong passion for treating women, children and men suffering with pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal and pelvic pain and has attended pelvic courses at the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute.

She combines her knowledge of how to rehabilitate lower back pain, neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, sports and dance injuries along with a compassionate energy. Sneha is also a 3 year certified yoga instructor and professional Indian classical dancer for 12 years.    She integrates yoga asanas, breathing techniques, guided meditation, and mindfulness exercises into her treatment sessions to enhance her patient’s recovery process.

Whether you want to return to playing a sport following an injury, heal from chronic pelvic issues or simply wake up every morning without back pain, Dr. Gazi will help you reach your goals.