How to Foam Roll Most Major Muscle Groups in 5-10 Minutes

Don’t you wish you could get a deep tissue massage every day? If you said “yes!” then I highly recommend you make a small investment in your own foam roller. I foam roll every time I go to the gym because it’s the easiest way to self-release all … [Continue reading]


PAIN IS IN THE BRAIN A staggering 100 million people in the USA suffer with chronic pain, a higher number than those diagnosed with cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  Chronic pain patients suffer because they  feel like they are not believed by … [Continue reading]

Having trouble losing the “Mom Belly” Post Baby?

Why diastasis recti may be your problem and how you may be making it worse...   If you’re doing a million crunches to get your abs back post baby but can’t seem to lose that last little “pooch,” STOP!! You may be experiencing a very … [Continue reading]

What is Fibromyalgia and How Can PT Help?

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Fibromyalgia is a chronic syndrome that is composed of a group of symptoms. The symptoms associated with fibromyalgia are varied and may include: Musculoskeletal pain that is widespread Fatigue Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders Loss … [Continue reading]

P-A-I-N is a 4 letter word, but so is T-E-A-M

Why a team approach of seeing MD and Physical Therapy under one roof is ideal for treating chronic pain.If you have chronic pelvic, urologic,  sexual pain/dysfunction and can answer "Yes" to this statement: "I’ve been to a number of … [Continue reading]

Onward and Upward: Pilates Guillotine Tower

As many of you know, we recently moved up to the 9th floor to offer our patients larger treatment rooms and a tranquil, glass enclosed exercise space. In this blog, we’d like to introduce you to the latest and greatest addition to our gym, the newly … [Continue reading]

The Mythical Hymen

This week, we'd like you to laugh as you learn about a myths surrounding an a structure of female anatomy and function: The Hymen. What is it? The hymen is an elastic piece of tissue  that lines the inside of vaginal opening. It has an opening that … [Continue reading]

Prolapse: My Organs are Dropping- What Now?

What is it? Pelvic organ prolapse is a common condition that occurs most often in women following childbirth or menopause. The muscles inside the pelvis become weakened and lack the endurance or strength to support the body’s internal organs. This … [Continue reading]

Endometriosis: ladies, let’s talk about it!

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It’s rare these days that a high profile celeb talks about anything that isn’t skin deep or filtered on Instagram. That’s why I give props to Lena Dunham (of HBO Girl’s fame) for writing an open and honest letter to her fans citing her endometriosis … [Continue reading]

We’ve Moved to the 9th Floor!

Well, we've done it!  We've made it to the 9th floor.  We're still in the same building you've always found us in, just on a different floor.  How convenient is that?  Now when you visit us, you'll need to turn left to get to our new lobby, which I, … [Continue reading]