From start to completion of care, your personal physical therapist listens to your concerns and goals, is well trained in your condition/ injury, uses a variety of manual therapies and teaches a tailored exercise program for your full recovery. This attention by one licensed physical therapist (no PT aides, assistants, trainers) results in a faster healing time, allowing you to return to work/play/life sooner.

Evelyn Hecht, PT, ATC, CEO
Jennifer Jurewicz,
PT, DPT, PRPC, Assistant Director
Jasmina Sidberry, DPT
Isha Mody, PT, CES
"EMH was the best experience I have had in terms of physical therapy.
I have had a few physical therapists over the years and nothing
compared to the service and care I received from EMH."
Melanie G.
Yelp Reviewer
Pelvic Physical Therapy for Women
Pelvic Physical Therapy for Men
Orthopedic & Sports
Pre & Post Natal Care

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"Thank goodness EMH Physical Therapy exists! And thank goodness,
especially, that Jen Jurewicz exists!
Nat P.
Yelp Reviewer

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